Islam and Women’s liberation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We praise Allah for His Mercy upon mankind, His Guidance, and His Compassion. We praise Him as He alone is worthy of all praise. May the best benedictions and peace be upon His beloved, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), the final prophet sent for the guidance of humanity. To proceed:

From time to time, outside of the weekly blog posts in which I use the classic American voices to convey the Islamic message, I will share general posts. Though, this should be a rare exception. From time to time I will also share other writings in the forms of PDFs – due to their length.

I was asked, not long ago, about the Islamic perspective on women, equality of gender, and the feminist movement. This was due to a lack of knowledge and understanding on the part of the questioner, a young Muslim brother, who thought that, somehow, changes needed to be made in Islam for the benefit of women in the modern era. As a response to that interaction, I wrote a paper which is the actual content of this post.

In this paper, I attempt to make clear the position of Islam on women and equality. Having shared it with a few peers, I was informed that it could be improved with more anecdotes, however, I feared the length of the paper would continue to grow until it became a book. While in the future that may be a project for me, that was not the aim here.

I present it here and welcome any thoughts, comments and/or feedback. I always prefer a discussion to a simple posting. If I see the need to update it in the future, adding, subtracting or clarifying, I will make those available here. For now –

We pray there is benefit and blessings in this work…


Islam: The Real Empowerment of Women:



…and all success is with Allah alone.


About hvsmrspct

Brother Wm. Halim Breiannis was born and raised in Baltimore, Md.. He accepted Islam in 1996 and has continued studying Islam since that time. Brother Halim has studied with various scholars being a direct student of Sheikh Khalil Majdalawi for ten years and has been a student with the Cordoba Academy since 2011. He is called upon to lecture, teach and act as the khateeb at masajid and universities in the Baltimore area where he continues to reside with his wife and children.
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