A Helping Hand – a guide book for new Muslims 

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


This is a PDF of a book written with the aim to assist the new Muslim come to understand their faith, and perhaps help the one who has been Muslim for some time establish a foundation.


Along with the PDF we share a link to a YouTube Video that will, God willing, facilitate ease in understanding.


And with Allah alone is every success.





About hvsmrspct

Brother Wm. Halim Breiannis was born and raised in Baltimore, Md.. He accepted Islam in 1996 and has continued studying Islam since that time. Brother Halim has studied with various scholars being a direct student of Sheikh Khalil Majdalawi for ten years and has been a student with the Cordoba Academy since 2011. He is called upon to lecture, teach and act as the khateeb at masajid and universities in the Baltimore area where he continues to reside with his wife and children.
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