Message to the White Man in America

In the Name of Allah

Most Gracious, Most Merciful


All praise is due to Allah, Creator of the heavens and earth. may the best benedictions be upon the best of creation, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). to proceed:


In this post 9/11, BLM, Donald Trump, Animal Farm comes to America era that we live, I feel as though it is now of the utmost importance to address Americans directly, and more specifically, white America. This page is meant as a medium to deliver that message.


I have been writing a book entitled, “Message to the White Man in America” and hopefully it will be completed and fully available in a published form within the year. At this time, it is only approximately a quarter of the way completed and so, it is a work in progress. still, I offer here, on this page a rough draft of the Introduction and the first 25 chapters. It is a draft!  There will be errors and things that need to be redressed, altered and fixed. There will also be spelling and grammatical errors, I am certain. Still, I did not want to continue to delay the availability of this valuable effort.


As this is a work in progress, I intend to include the first 25 chapters in this PDF and then, God Willing, from time to time, I will add  the following chapters. As I said, I am a quarter of the way through and so have plenty available…but it is my intention to continue on until the completion of this work. Anyone interested can download this section and follow for the rest, as well as freely share it with others. It is a work in progress and feedback is most welcome.


And it is indeed the Truth that all success is with Allah alone and from Him we seek divine aid.


Access the PDF for a draft of “Message to the White Man in America,” here:
message to the White Man PDF



      Perhaps the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed, is this work in and of itself racist? Is this not another form of white racist propaganda using a new vehicle, this time, that of Islam? It is not. There are absolutely going to be things said in this book that can be pointed to and said, “that is bigoted” and I can in no way deny that. I do, however, deny the charge. Bigotry, prejudice and racism are all charges leveled at people who speak on race but, to do so as a knee-jerk reaction is not fair. The very nature of the book is, first and foremost, to speak to a group of people termed “white” and “American,” that is, the book is written to a specific target audience. However, as has been mentioned, this in no way negates its reality for other audiences, nor is it meant in any way to disparage any one. The subject matter of this book is aimed at conveying the message of Truth and as such can be taken and applied by any and all people. However, due to the nature of the work, there will certainly be things mentioned that are specific to the target audience. This is not negatively biased in nature any more than my writing a letter to my family excludes non-family members. Any one who would level the accusation of racism against this work need to take a closer look at the template I am applying as well as their own sensitivities.

With that clearly stated, it should be understood and appreciated that despite what is deemed as the “system” was established by white men, that in no way frames “white folk” in general as either privileged by that system or guilty of it. We live in a time where white folk  are deemed as racist for no other reason than their complexion and to say they have been a target of racism is shrugged off as far-fetched or inconceivable. Indeed, we even find the voice of white folk being “silenced” on the basis that their complexion does not warrant them a say in certain matters, especially if they oppose certain opinions popularly embraced.  One issue that should be dealt with head on is the fact of our belief  which states that it is only because of the decree of our Lord that we have the amount of or lack of pigmentation in our skin. Whether one is white, black, yellow, red or any shade in between is only due to the decree of our Lord and hence, no one should be judged based on that which is outside of their control. That is prejudice, regardless at from who it stems or towards who it is aimed. This is important because we need to understand that, just as First Nations, latinos, African Americans and others have a right to a level of pride in their heritage, white folks of varying races and backgrounds also have such a right. They also have an equal right to divorce themselves from the ills and wrongs of those who share their heritage just as others have the right to divorce themselves from the wrongs of those who share theirs. At the end of the day, each people like to point to the positive and build from that while divorcing themselves from the negative and correcting the consequences that occurred – all so they can move forward and prosper as a people. It is when others deny them their right to pride and hold them to account for wrongs that bias and bigotry emerge. It is at this point that legitimate points are ignored. It is at this point that injustices begin to manifest on all sides.

This is important because when a book such as this is denied because it is written by a white American for white Americans it is a rejection of that right to acknowledge one’s qawm – their people. This while every prophet and messenger until the finality of prophets (peace and blessings be upon them) were raised up from amongst and sent to their own peoples. It is in this light we quote the great scholar and Wazir of the 19th century Sokoto empire, Junayd (may Allah have mercy upon him), who said, “Whoever does not inform his children of his grandparents has destroyed his child, marred his descendants, and injured his offspring the day he dies. Whoever does not make use of his ancestry has muddled his reason. Whoever is unconcerned with his lineage has lost his mind. Whoever neglects his origin, his stupidity has become critical. Whoever is unaware of his ancestry, his incompetence has become immense. Whoever is ignorant of his roots, his intelligence has vanished. Whoever does not know his place of origin, his honor has collapsed.” The quote by this great African scholar is universal for all peoples, regardless of ethnicity.